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North West Residential Precinct Plan

Ringwood's leafy, city living precinct

The North West Residential Precinct Plan builds on the vision of the Ringwood Transit City Urban Design Masterplan and provides a focus for the future of the North West Residential Precinct.

The North West Residential Precinct forms the north-western corner of the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre. It consists of all residential land encompassed by Bond Street, New Street, Ringwood Street, the Ringwood Bypass and EastLink. It also takes in the western side of Ringwood Street, north of Bond Street which is business zoned

North West Residential Precinct Vision

The vision for the Precinct's future is for it to become 'Ringwood's leafy, city living' precinct, a forefront of 'new-urbanism' in the Metropolitan region, through integration of high quality urban design and ecologically sustainable development principles within a prominent, high-density residential region.

The Ringwood North West Residential Precinct is a distinguished higher density residential area within Melbourne’s outer east Metropolitan Activity Centre. It is a sustainable place to live, with convenient access to transport, shops, services, employment opportunities and open spaces.

New, higher density residential buildings range in height, but provide a human scale to the street. The changing built form and range of housing types allows an increased and diverse population access to everything the Ringwood Activities Area has to offer.

The Precinct’s connection with the Mullum Mullum Creek open space is enhanced through improved pedestrian and cyclist access. Buildings overlook the creek interface, giving residents a pleasant outlook and providing passive surveillance. The green spaces that border the Precinct are reflected in the leafy streets and private open space areas, where innovative planting and the retention of canopy trees creates a landscape setting.

There is an increased amount of on-street activity, with improved safety for cyclists and pedestrians, continuous footpaths that lead people to key destinations and a social atmosphere that draws people out onto the street.

To achieve the vision, the North Western Residential Precinct Plan identifies the following themes and objectives:

  • Development potential
  • Built form
  • Landscape and public realm
  • Access and parking
  • Safety and amenity
  • Ecological sustainable development
  • Community development

Ringwood North West Residential Precinct Plan (PDF, 4MB)