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Commercial Precinct Plan

  • A Living City

  • High quality commercial enterprises

  • Affordable business opportunities

The Commercial Precinct Plan outlines visionary but realistic built form guidelines that apply to future developments within the Commercial Precinct of the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre.

The Commercial Precinct includes land located along Maroondah Highway and is bounded by Heatherdale Road to the west, Bond Street to the north, Mt Dandenong Road to the east and the Belgrave/Lilydale Rail line to the south. Land located between Ringwood Street, Warrandyte Road, the former Ringwood Market site and Ringwood Square are excluded.

Commercial Precinct Plan Vision

The Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Commercial Precinct is ‘a living city’. It will no longer be the place to pass through, but entice visitors to explore, enjoy and relax on the Maroondah Highway. Buildings will be integrated with the streetscape to develop a sense of pride along both the street and rail corridors.

These enhancements apply to both the public and private domain and seek to redefine the Maroondah Highway corridor as the city’s boulevard, creating an improved and safe pedestrian setting as well as recognising the railway line as an alternate ‘gateway’ to the city.

Maroondah Highway will become a mecca of activity that will attract high–quality commercial enterprises while also offering affordable business opportunities. The mixed use Precinct will truly be a place to live, work and play, with destinational retail and a walkable environment that will provide a ‘Town Centre feel’ to residents and visitors. This visually attractive corridor and surrounding natural environment will bring the Highway a breath of fresh air.

Commercial Precinct Plan

Part A - Strategic Context and Precinct Plan

 Part A - Section 1 (PDF, 6.6MB) - Precinct Plan Brief & Report Structure & Planning Context
 Part A - Section 2 (PDF, 1.2MB) - Planning Context (cont'd) & Key Studies
 Part A - Section 3 (PDF, 4.3MB) - Key Studies (cont'd)
 Part A - Section 4 (PDF, 4.6MB) - Key Studies (cont'd), Precinct Plan & Themes
 Part A - Section 5 (PDF, 2.1MB) - Themes (cont'd)
 Part A - Section 6 (PDF, 3.5MB) - Themes (cont'd) & Implementation Plan
 Part A - Section 7 (PDF, 1MB) - Appendix

Part B - Urban Design and Development Guidelines

 Part B - Section 1 (PDF, 3.1MB) - Introduction & Sub Precinct Guidelines
 Part B - Section 2 (PDF, 3.4MB) - Sub Precinct Guidelines (cont'd)
 Part B - Section 3 (PDF, 3.6MB) - Sub Precinct Guidelines (cont'd)
 Part B - Section 4 (PDF, 3.5MB) - Sub Precinct Guidelines (cont'd)
 Part B - Section 5 (PDF, 3.6MB) - Sub Precinct Guidelines (cont'd)
 Part B - Section 6 (PDF, 3.9MB) - Sub Precinct Guidelines (cont'd)
 Part B - Section 7 (PDF, 1.5MB)  - General Urban Design Guidelines