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Ringwood is Going Places

  • Melbourne's key outer east Metropolitan Activity Centre

  • Advanced road and rail network

  • Quality commercial enterprises and employment

  • Residential, lifestyle and leisure opportunities

  • Vibrant and contemporary town centre

  • Natural landscapes

Located 23 kilometres east of Melbourne CBD in the City of Maroondah, Ringwood is a suburban centre in transition.

A priority of the Victorian Government’s blueprint for Melbourne’s growth, Ringwood is a designated Metropolitan Activity Centre - the highest priority centres outside of the CBD. 

Strategically located at the epicentre of a superb network of major arterial roads and transport nodes, Ringwood benefits from unsurpassed metropolitan road and rail connections, services a large catchment of Melbourne’s eastern growth corridor, and is the gateway to the Yarra Valley – Victoria’s hero food and wine destination.

The key Metropolitan Activity Centre in Melbourne’s outer east, Ringwood is now the focus of significant public and private investment, employment growth and renewal. Investment in integrated and sustainable development around first class transport services will position Ringwood as a key new urban destination with a vibrant city centre, active local economy and contemporary lifestyle options. 

Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Vision

Investment in integrated and sustainable development around first class transport services positions Ringwood as the key new urban destination of Melbourne's east with a thriving city centre, active local economy and contemporary lifestyle options.

Ringwood will boast a vibrant and contemporary town centre with integrated and sustainable retail, commercial, leisure, civic and residential activities set in a natural landscape connected through an advanced road and rail network.

  • Melbourne's outer east urban destination
  • Advanced road and rail network
  • Vibrant and contemporary town centre
  • Retail, commercial, employment, leisure, residential opportunities
  • Natural landscapes Integrated and sustainable

Realising the vision for Ringwood will accrue significant net benefits for Victorians, spanning across productivity improvements, congestion and infrastructure cost savings, better accessibility to jobs and services, improved amenity and more affordable housing.

Ringwood's Metropolitan Activity Centre program will revitalise this strategic location and make Ringwood economically stronger and a better place to live, work and visit.