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Business Opportunities

The City of Maroondah invites businesses to join us as Ringwood continues to grow and prosper.

Here, the outlook is fresh and the opportunities are real. Businesses are well supported with networks and local advice and there is optimism about the future with planned development and activity underpinned by State Government plans for urban growth.

Council's dedicated Business and Development unit assists and supports businesses with business development, investment attraction and local employment opportunities.

Businesses located in Ringwood can look to new horizons, knowing their future is assured.

Key business opportunities in Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre

The Ringwood Metropolitan Activty Centre is a prime location for:

  • increasing the supply of office acommodation to meet the needs of the growing services industries;
  • providing goods and services for the projected increases in population and dwellings;
  • attracting public sector organisations and employment, which will also support the development of allied industries; and,
  • the development and support of service industries, particularly the opportunity to create precincts and the co-location of complementary businesses.

The State Government projects an additional 24,000 dwellings will be developed in the Ringwood Retail Catchment over the next two decades, providing housing for an additional 12% of residents. This will result in increased demand for goods, services and construction. 

The concentration of this type of development within the MAC will provide further opportunities for businesses to grow and establish themselves. A growing number of construction businesses will be provided with opportunities to be included in development projects.

As the population of people living within the Ringwood MAC increases there will be increased demand for both the retail trade on offer and the provision of services. As the additional population is expected to be largely aged over 60 years the demand for Health Care and Aged Services can be expected to increase.

Ringwood provides office based employment to more than 1,600 workers in a range of businesses. Key industry sectors include labour supply, legal services and accounting. There is unmet demand for office space within the RMAC, including:

  • the growth of service industry businesses and employment;
  • the potential for the MAC to provide a range of services for the growing population in the Outer East;
  • over 2,400 home businesses in office based industry sectors within Maroondah; and
  • a significant number of businesses identified in the Maroondah Business Analysis would be interested in relocating to serviced offices within the Ringwood MAC if they were available.

The development of offices within the MAC, and the relocation and growth of business within the MAC will create job opportunities for city workers, contributing to 20 minute neighbourhood goals. Increased office based workers within the MAC will also provide increased customers for other businesses within the MAC.