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Business Research

Maroondah Business Analysis

The Maroondah Business Analysis (MBA) involved intensive interviews with 270 local businesses and is the largest research project ever undertaken by the Business Support Unit.

Funded by Council, with support funding from the Victorian Government (Department of Planning and Community Development), the MBA provides a critical insight into the needs of local Maroondah business and how Council can assist them to employ additional employees and grow their businesses.

The study also identified workplace training issues, industries with forecast employment growth, unique considerations of home-based businesses and current perceptions of the Ringwood Activity Area as a potential future location for surveyed businesses.

The outcomes of the MBA, coupled with research already undertaken, will provide the foundation for the development of future initiatives to further refine and focus the direction of Council in its support of the local business community. As a summary, MBA results have been tabulated into 8 key areas:

  • Future Training Requirements
  • Future Skill & Recruitment Requirements
  • Future Employment
  • Alternative Candidate Pools
  • Sector Longevity & Forecasts
  • Future Expansion
  • Home-based Businesses
  • Barriers to Growth

The MBA outcomes have provided invaluable data which will be used to identify new initiatives and target support programs that are required to support the unique needs of the Maroondah business community into the future.

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Ringwood Business Analysis

Conducted in 2013, the Ringwood Business Analysis provides an analysis, findings and opportunities related to available data on business, employment and resident catchments for the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre.

  •  Data sets that have been used for this project are:
  • Victorian Census of Land Use and Employment for the Ringwood Activities Area;
  • 2011 Census, as conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics;
  • A comparison of 2011 Census data for other SA2s that include an Activities Area;
  • Maroondah City Council development and planning permit registers
  • Maroondah Business Analysis project, undertaken by the Council in 2012.

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Maroondah Population Profiles

The Maroondah profiles present the population characteristics of our community, how they have changed over time and how they compare to other areas. These profiles assist Council, the general community, students, community groups, agencies, business and investors to become more informed about our community.

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