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Parking Strategy

The supply and management of parking within the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre (RMAC) has an important role to play in realising the Centre's vision.

Parking can no longer be viewed as a stand-alone issue but needs to become a key aspect of both transport and land use planning for the RMAC.

The Ringwood MAC Parking Strategy is seen as an important tool in guiding Council’s vision for future parking provision in the RMAC and will be used by Council as a key forward planning document. The strategy has been undertaken with a view to formulating a range of policies and actions that address the future parking needs of residents and visitors.

To assist with the development of the Parking Strategy, Maroondah City Council undertook a comprehensive Parking Study during late 2007 and early 2008 (Stage 1 – Parking Study, February 2008).

This study identified:

  • approximately 6,994 off-street parking spaces, 504 on-street parking spaces and 1,016 rail commuter parking spaces within the Ringwood MAC study area (both public and private spaces);
  • when considering the overall Ringwood MAC area, there is considerable spare parking capacity on both weekdays and Saturdays;
  • very high peak weekday occupancy of the commuter car parks located in the proximity of Ringwood and Heatherdale railway stations;
  • car parks servicing the major shopping complexes were observed to contain significant levels of peak spare capacity;
  • modest occupancy levels along with excellent turn-over compliance were observed for the limited on-street parking available throughout the study area; and
  • commuter surveys conducted by Council found that only 5% of commuters currently driving to the station would consider more sustainable options to travel to/from the station.

This Parking Strategy Report forms the second part of the study.

Ringwood MAC Parking Strategy (PDF, 1.1MB)